Tango in Buenos Aires: practice before traveling, the best tutorials


Tango is perhaps the most recognized Argentine dance around the world. Although there are places to dance all over the country, its tradition and the professional practice of dance, it is concentrated in Buenos Aires.

The capital city of the country, on the banks of the Rio de la Plata, is where he was born and still today awakens that feeling of romanticism, elegance, and traditional Buenos Aires milonga porteña. From La Boca, on the banks of the Riachuelo, on the Caminito promenade, a very touristy and colorful alley, to the most aristocratic neighborhoods at the north end of the city, there are spaces to learn tango, dance and enjoy dinner-show, group classes or private, and know the traditional style, electronic tango, contemporary and fusion dance that mixes styles.

Perhaps, with this invitation to learn more about tango in Buenos Aires, if you are already planning a trip, have an interest in practicing. Learning some steps to release the body, allows aural and physical flexibility, to be able to choose better what style and classes you want to take or what milonga can attend, according to your preferences.

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